This Is Why She Hulk Is Weaker Than The Hulk


Published By: Shashank Singh


With the transformation of the incredible Hulk into a smart Hulk, hulk became physically weaker.

In She-Hulk season 1, we saw how she-hulk was able to give him a good fight, even though they were just practicing.

Hulk's biggest strength is his anger, the angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes and anger is his biggest strength.

But on the other hand, She-Hulk  is a very tactical fighter, who fights with strategy, when she gets angrier her win rate gets lower. 

Because as she gets angrier her ability to think gets lower, the same could be said with the hulk, but his proportionate strength increase is way more than She-Hulk's.

When Hulk gets angry he can out-muscle anyone and is ready to fight anyone, as seen in Thor Ragnarok when Hulk starts to fight with Surtur.

But for She-Hulk, who is not as strong as hulk, her biggest strength is using her tactics and her strength together to win against any opponent.

And loosing the ability to use her skills as she gets angrier makes her weaker, therefore Hulks biggest strength is the biggest weakness of She-hulk.