Why Black Widow Can't Return As Gamora Did?


Published By: Shashank Singh


In Infinity war Thanos sacrificed Gamora for Soul stone and in the Endgame Gamora returned.

The same thing happened with Natasha, in Endgame she sacrificed herself so that Clint can get the Soul stone so why can Natasha return?

The reality is the Gamora did not actually return, she is another Gamora from another timeline, who is yet to meet the guardians of the galaxy.

And before meeting the Guardians, Gamora only had Thanos and Nebula, and both of them died in the Endgame.

So in Gamora's timeline, there is no one waiting for her, but in the new timeline she has here Nebula and the guardians of the galaxy who want her, so she stayed. 

But in case of Black widow even if Avengers managed to get back in time to take Natasha, she would not come with them.

Because her friends and family from another timeline wants her, so it will be very unethical for Avengers to take Black Widow to their time line.