Why Does Venom Hates Spider-Man So Much?


Published By: Shashank Singh


Did you ever wondered why a black goo from another planet hates Spider-Man who is just a kid?

Their are actually 2 reasons why Venom hates Spider-Man: 1. Eddie and venom has a deal that venom can only eat bad guys.

And in the post credit scene of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" Venom saw Spider-Man on TV, and he was shown as the bad guy.

The second and most important reason is "denial". Venom is a symbiote who chooses a host to work together and live with.

When venom chose Spider-Man as his host because Spider-Man was a strong host, Peter realized that venom is changing him. 

And because of that, Peter denied venom and removed him from his body, although venom dose not need a host body, but he functions better with one. 

After the denial venom found Eddie brock who also hated Spider-Man, this is the primary reason why Venom hates Spider-Man.