Why Vision Didn't Even Try To Fight Thanos In The Infinity War?


Published By: Shashank Singh


We all saw how powerful vision is in Avengers: the Age Of Ultron and in the TV Show Wandavision.

When Thanos came to earth after taking the Time Stone, vision could have at least fought Thanos as he also has a mind stone, but he di nit even try.

And the reason for it was, before Vision came to Wakanda for help, he was ambushed by corvus glaive and proxima midnight.

Corvus glaive injured Vision very badly with his sharp blade, further Corvus Glave injured him again during the war in Wakanda.

Until Thanos arrived on Earth for the mind stone, Vision was so much injured that he was not capable of fighting Thanos.

And Since Vision is extramly smart, he knew their is no point in resisting Thanos, so he made the dicission of destroying Mindstone.

If Vision was not injured and was in the perfect shape to fight, he would have given Thanos a very good fight, but anyhow Thanos would have still taken the mind stone.