Will Venom Take Over Tom Holland's Spider-Man?


Published By: Shashank Singh


In the post-credit scene of Dr. Strange the multiverse of madness, we saw after everyone is sent back to their universe, a part of venom is left behind on earth 616.

Earth 616 is our universe where we have Tom Holland's Spider-Man, so the next Spider-Man sequel is confirmed to have Venom in it.

And there is a very high possibility that venom will choose Spider-Man as a host because the venom is always shown to be an anti-hero.

who hates Spider-Man, because Spider-Man removed Venom from his body, even though venom chose him as his host.

And if venom does not take over Spider-Man then there will be no reason for Venom to hate Spider-Man, and he will not become an anti-hero.

in our opinion, there is a 90% chance that Venom will take over Spider-Man, but MCU might change the story a little to make it less predictable.

But it is very less likely that MCU will do so, as fans also wants to see Black Spider-Man once again on the screen and MCU do listen to their fans.