HUlk is Back In The MCU, Marvel Has Dropped A Hint For World Breaker Hulk 


Published By: Shashank Singh


Let's be real here, we all want the old hulk back, the uncontrollable aggressive beast that smashes everything he sees.  

Because the Smart Hulk is not as strong as him, not as aggressive as him, in short, smart Hulk Is less fun to watch.

There is a good news for all the old Hulk fans, he is coming back! and this time he will be even more strong.

As in She-Hulk, we saw Hulk going back to Sakaar, and given the fact that She-Hulk has been following the comic story, it is time for World breaker hulk.

In the Comics when Hulk goes back to Sakaar he helps the people of sakaar by becoming their leader and marries a woman on that planet.

But unfortunately because of a very big tragedy Hulk becomes so angry that he starts absorbing all the gamma radiations of Sakaar.

Because of all that gamma radiation he transforms into World breaker Hulk, one of the strongest versions of Hulk.

World breaker hulk can destroy an entire planet if he wants to, he can withstand black bolts voice, and has defeated dr. strange twice.