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What If Iron-Man Never Died In The MCU


If we talk about MCU’s most respected superheroes then Iron-Man will be no.1 on the list, he has defeated almost every marvel character in the MCU and he is just a human being in an Iron armor.

In Endgame MCU Iron-man took his last breath and he died saving the world while welding all 6 Infinity stones, but did you ever thought how MCU will look like if Iron-Man never Died?


Weapons Iron-Man Built

Iron-man was always building some new stuff, Tony Stark always created something new in the movies, he was the gadget guy.

And after Wanda played with his mind showing him what he feared the most, he was obsessed with protecting the world from other future attacks.

1. Vibranium

Vibranium is the strongest metal known in the MCU till now and in Iron-Man 2 Tony Stark created vibranium to replace palladium in his arm reactor that was poisoning him, and don’t forget his armor is also a weapon.

2. Ultron

Tony has created a lot of weapons that is how stark industries made most of their money but creating Ultron was a mistake and Tony realized this after Ultron backfired.

Ultron will always be the most controversial weapons Tony ever created.

3. Jarvis

Jarvis is the most powerful AI in the MCU created by Tony Stark that not only helped him create new weapons but also in the fights, Jarvis made Tony Stark very efficient in his work, and fights.

4. Nano Tech Armor

Tony Stark’s Nano Tech Armor, Mark L, and Mark LXXXV  were the two armors of that were based on Nanotech, they were the masterpiece of his engineering.

Tony made these nano-tech suits with the help of Wakanda’s technology and these suits were capable of fighting against Thanos’ army.

5. Time Machine

In the upcoming movies of MCU like Avengers: the kang dynasty we will see a lot of time travel but the original creator of time machine will always be Tony.

Creating time travel was one of the biggest inventions tony did which enabled the avengers to save the world and tony was also able to meet and hug his father using the time machine.

6. Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet is considered one of the strongest weapons in the universe and in the end game Tony made it in his lab, hulk used it to revive back the lost population and Iron man used it to defeat Thanos.


What If Iron-Man Never Died

As we saw above Iron-Man was able to create 2 of the most powerful weapons in the universe, time travel and infinity gauntlet, if Tony was alive he would have made weapons no one could ever imagine.

Using time travel, Wakanda’s help, his tech, and intelligence tony would have built a suit that could easily beat enemies like Thanos and he could have built an army of armors capable of doing so.

If we take the reference of comics then tony created a God buster armor and as the name suggests it was built to defeat cosmic Gods, that armor was so powerful that tony destroyed that armor because it was too powerful to even exist.

Since Tony’s tech has sometimes backfired as Ultron did, tony could likely create powerful gadgets to save the earth from any cosmic being but it is also very likely that he may end up creating something that could destroy the world.


If Iron man was alive he could have become the strongest Avenger with the help of his gadgets and there is also a very high chance that he could have created something that could even destroy the world.

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