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Who Is Blade? Marvel’s Vampire Hunter Powers


In the 2022 San Diego comic con, marvel confirmed the release date of Blade, which is 3rd November 2023. Blade is not a very famous character like Iron-man or Spider-Man but he still has a very interesting story.

The blade is marvel’s vampire hunter, and as the name suggests, he hunts vampire, but why? and what are his superpowers that enables him to hunt vampires?

mcu blade- vampire hunter
MCU Blade- Vampire Hunter

Why Is Blade a Vampire Hunter?

Blade’s real name is Eric Brooks, his father was Lucas cross who was a member of a secrete organization that dealt with Vampires, named ‘The Order of Tyrana’.

When Lucas’ got arrested he sent his wife Tara Brooks to a safer place in England where she was forced to seek doctors attention before delivering her baby.

The doctor was a vampire named Deacon Frost, who bit Tara while she was giving birth to Eric (blade) and feasted on her leading to her death.

He developed a vengeful personality as a child, wanting to kill Deacon Frost and any other vampires that stood in his way. He also became a vampire hunter as a result of his mother being murdered by Deacon Frost, a vampire.

Blade’s Superpowers & Abilities

Since his mother was bitten by a vampire while giving birth to him, Blade has developed some supernatural abilities.

He is immune to vampire bites, although he is not immortal, but he ages much more slowly than a normal human being, and he has superhuman strength and stamina. He also has the ability to heal like a vampire.

In other world, he has all the abilities of a vampire without any downsides of being a vampire, like he can walk in sunlight which no vampire can do.

On top of all these abilities he is an amazing martial artist, as he is being learning how to hunt a vampire since he was a child, he also knows how to use all kinds of knives, daggers, and swords, hence the name ‘Blade’.

How Did Blade Learned To Hunt Vampires

Blade was raised by his mother’s friend, and one day he ran into a man named Jamal Afari who was a Vampire hunter and saved him from one of the vampire on the streets.

After this incident Jamal realized that blade is not a normal human, he has some supernatural abilities and blade is also not a vampire. Jamal saw a potential Vampire hunter in Blade and since he was a vampire hunter, Jamal took him in. Jamal then taught Blade how to control his powers and turned him into a vampire hunter.

Jamal took on the role of Blade’s foster father and taught Blade everything he knew about vampire hunting.

Blade also wanted to take revenge from Deacon frost, who killed his mother, so he started finding him and killing every vampire who came in his way.

blade meeting avengers
Blade Meeting Avengers

Blade once encountered Morbius

Blade once encountered Morbius and nearly killed him, during the figtht between morbius and blade, morbius bit blade, given the fact that blade was immune to vampires bite blade thought nothing would happen to him but, he was immune to a vampire’s bite.

Morbius and vampires are different, Morbius has a beating heart, and can walk in the sun, he is also known as a living vampire and blade was not immune to that, certainly for the blade, morbius’ bite made him even more strong and gave him more abilities, and then blade was able to fight Morbius.

There is a chance that we will see Blade teaming up with Avengers in Avengers: Secret Wars because in the comics, Blade has already encountered Avengers several times.

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