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Who Is Stronger Black Adam Or Superman?


A fight between Black Adam and superman is always very thrilling to watch whether be in a animated DC movie or comics, but watching Superman fight Black Adam on the big screen will be an entirely different experience.

black adam vs superman
Who Is Stronger?

Warner Bros. is Working On Man of Steel 2

Man Of Steel 1 released on June 2013 one the highest grossing superman movie of all time, it made $668 Million worldwide, and DCEU originally wanted to make a Superman Trilogy just like the Dark Knight Trilogy.

But inspired by the crossover movie of MCU “The Avengers” in 2012, DCEU also decided to make crossover films, and they dropped their originally idea for the Superman Trilogy.

As a result DCEU came up with the Batman v Superman and the movie was a big success as it made $873.6 Million worldwide.

man of steel 2
Man Of Steel 2

Now in 2022 according to an article published in The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is working with Henry Cavill for a film, which will obviously be a next Super-Man movie, and Superman’s cameo in Black Adam also sets up the future story line for Man Of Steel 2.

So, this is almost confirmed that we will see Black Adam and Superman in Man Of Steel 2, and if so then there is a very high chance that we will see a fight between Black Adam and Superman in Man Of Steel 2.

But in a fight between them, who is stronger, and who has the higher possibility to win?

Who Is Stronger Black Adam Or Superman?

First let’s talk about the comic version, in the comics both are shown as equally powerful with superman having a slight edge over Black Adam because Superman gets power from sun , so he can keep recharging himself while fighting.

And Black Adam gets power from Shazam who is a source of endless power, Black Adam also does not care about people, he can anytime use them as leverage to defeat Superman as Superman consider himself a protector and lives with a code of honor.

If we talk about DCEU then Superman is stronger here as well, till now we haven’t seen any fight between Black Adam and Superman in DCEU as Superman just appeared at the end of Black Adam movie, but the reason why we can say Superman is stronger is that Dwyane Johnson, while promoting Black Adam, has kind of confirmed this.

Dwyane Johnson in multiple interviews has said that Black Adam is the most powerful character on the earth, and every time he said this statement he emphasized the word “Earth”.

And we all know Superman is not from the earth, he is from Krytpon, he just lives on the earth, this way it is kind of confirmed that Black Adam is not stronger than Superman.

But Black Adam Has More Chances Of Winning The Fight

black adam
Black Adam

Regardless of Superman being stronger and more powerful, Black Adam still have more chances of winning in a battle between them on earth.

And a simple reason is “people”, earth is full of people and Black Adam can use them anytime to defeat Superman, and Superman will die protecting normal human beings, where as Black Adam does not care about anyone.

And the other reason why Black Adam has more chances of winning is kryptonite, kryptonite is Superman’s weakness, and Batman has a considerable amount of kryptonite, if Black Adam gets kryptonite from Batman, which he can get pretty easily as Black Adam will destroy Batman if he does not gives him kryptonite.

Once he gets the kryptonite, its game over for Superman, because Black Adam will not even blink for a second before killing Superman with kryptonite.

Superman can only defeat Black Adam if they were fighting away from city, maybe in a desert.

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