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Why Black Widow Can’t Return As Gamora Did?


Did you also wonder why Gamora was able to return to life but Black Widow can’t, even though they both died in the same way? Here we have a less complicated answer to that question.

Avengers: End Game was one of the best Marvel films ever; it was funny, enjoyable, exciting, emotional, and one of the best science fiction films. As a result, it became the second-highest grossing film of all time, behind 2009’s Avatar.

can black widow return like gamora

A lot of time travel was depicted in the film, and we also lost a number of significant characters in the Endgame, including Iron-Man, Captain America (who is now very old), Gamora, and Black Widow.

But Gamora was able to return after dying to resurrect the soul stone, and Black Widow also died so that Avengers can have the soul stone, but the question is;

‘Why Gamora returned but Black Widow can’t, even though they both died in the same way?’

And the answer is Avengers can bring back Black widow but ethically they will never do so!

The Reason Why Avengers will Not bring Black Widow back

The way time travel works in the MCU is very different from other movies, bringing Black widow is not hard but convincing her to return is.

In the MCU’s version of time travel whenever we go back in time and change anything, a new timeline is created and any new change will only occur in that new timeline, let’s understand this with an example:


Let’s assume Avengers decided to go back in time and bring back widow, this is what will happen:

  1. Avengers will find a date when the Black widow was alive.
  2. Go back in time and ask her to come back with them (assuming that she agreed to go with them).
  3. They bring her back to the present.
  4. Doing that will create a new timeline where Avengers from future came and took Black widow with them, and she never returned and everyone is missing her.
  5. And in the old timeline (the present) Black widow had died and Avengers brought another Black Widow from another timeline (whose family and friends miss her in her timeline).

But doing so is not the solution as a Black widow is still missing from one of the timelines, the solution would be to have a black widow in all the timelines. And the hardest part would be to convince Natasha to leave her original friends and family forever and go with the other Avengers.

Then How Did Gamora Returned In the Endgame?


At the time when the other Thanos (Thanos from the past) came into the future, Gamora had only 2 family members, Thanos and nebula she was yet to meet the guardians of the galaxy.

And when Thanos and nebula (from the past) died, Gamora had no one to go back to, even if she went back into her timeline, there was no one waiting for her, so she decided to stay as she does have a family here.

So the Gamora we saw in the end game is another Gamora, she is not the same as the one who died, she is not even her past version, she is a different Gamora who is similar to her past version.

So now there is one timeline where Gamora, Nebula, Thanos, and his ship are missing, this way in the newly created timeline (where Gamora does not exist anymore) Gamora will never meet The Guardians of the galaxy.

And this is also one of the reasons why Avengers will never bring Black widow back because unlike Gamora, Black widow has friends and family who will always be waiting for her.

Fun fact: Avengers actually saved 2 timelines from Thanos, the first one is their own timeline by bringing back everyone and killing the Thanos who came from the past;

And the second one is the timeline from where past Thanos was, as in that timeline Thanos does not exist anymore because he went to the future and died.

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