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Why Did Tony Cared About Spider-Man So Much?


Did you ever wondered why Tony Stark cared so much about Spider-Man, we all know Tom Holland’s Spider-Man did his debut in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and Spider-Man fought alongside Tony Stark.

But is that the reason Tony cared about him so much? Not really, because their were many others with Tony, but Why only Spider-Man?

tony cared about peter
Tony Cared About Peter

The Origin Story Of Spider-Man

We all are familiar with the origin story of Spider-Man, a radio active Spider bites Peter Parker giving him some super human abilities.

Marvel has already shown us the origin story 2 times, so it was a very good decision of marvel to not show the origin story for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, as the audience already knows all the details.

A very important detail to focus on is that both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s versions got bitten by the spider within the Oscorp laboratory, but there is no Oscorp industry on Earth 616 (our universe).

As in the movie ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ when Norman Osborn came to Earth 616, he was shocked because Oscorp industries did not exist in this world.

So the radio active spider that bit Tom Holland’s Peter Parker could have either created by Wakandan princess Shuri or Billionaire-Philanthropist Tony Stark, as only they have the greatest laboratories in the entire MCU that could have made the radio active spider.

Did The Radio Active Spider Belong To Stark Industries?

radio active spider that bit spider-man
Radio Active Spider That Bit Spider-man

Since the radioactive spider, that bit Peter Parker could have been either from Shuri’s lab or Stark industries, there is a higher possibility that the spider belonged to the stark industry as Shuri’s lab was hidden from the world, and for a kid like Peter Parker (without powers) it is nearly impossible to find it.

But as we know that Tony was famous and Peter was always been a fan of Tony, it is very likely that Peter visited Stark Industries and got bitten by the radio active spider made by Stark Industries.

One thing is definitely confirmed, that Tom Holland’s version is going to have a very different origin story as compared to the previous versions, which means we will see a origin story for Tom Holland as well.

Why Did Tony Cared About Spider-Man So Much?

Their are 2 major reasons why Tony cared about Spider-Man:

peter making web fluid
Peter Making Web Fluid

1. Tony saw himself in Peter: Tony never asked for the arc reactor in his chest but anyhow he ended up with one and he can’t even remove it from is chest as the reactor keeps the embedded shrapnel in his chest from reaching his heart, in short it keeps him alive.

But he used the arc reactor for fueling his suit, as his arc reactor is a source of power for the suit, and he saw the exact same thing in Peter, as Peter also never asked for the spider bite and he ended up using the abilities to save others and he Peter also made a web shooter by his own, and because of this Tony saw himself in Peter.


2. The radio active Spider belonged to Stark Industries: Although this is just a speculation but this has a very high possibility, if this is true then it explains everything about why Tony cared about Peter, as it was Tony’s mistake that Peter, a teenage kid, got this superpower and with great power comes great responsibility.

This could be reason why Stark always took care of Peter as No one can expect to handle such power from an inexperience kid, In the upcoming movies of Spider-Man, Spider-Man-4, we might see the origin story of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

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