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Why Marvel Made Hulk Weaker + Future Plans?


Every aspect of Avengers Endgame—which was the culmination of decades of story-telling—was fantastic, with the exception of the Hulk. The Incredible Hulk, which introduced the Hulk to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008, portrayed him as one of the MCU’s most powerful characters.

the world breaker hulk
The World Breaker Hulk

In the crossover of Hulk with other Marvel characters in the MCU with the 2012 Avengers, Hulk was unquestionably portrayed as the strongest Avenger in the 2012 Avengers, and his fans adored him for it.

But after the transition of Hulk into the professor Hulk fans have lost interest in him, which is no brainer because he was always been interesting due to the aggression and strength that he brought onto the screen, and that is exactly what MCU took away from him after the Infinity war, but why Marvel is doing so and what is their plans with the Hulk?

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Hulk’s Declining Gamma Levels

One of the least discussed reasons why Hulk is getting weaker is his Gamma levels, Hulk was definitely the strongest in the 2012 Avengers as he quite literally singlehandedly brought down a massive Chitauri Leviathan.


On the other hand, he was unable to even give a fight to Thanos, which is partially due to years of training the mad titan had but it could also be because of the declining Gamma levels in Hulk that made him weaker because no matter who stands against hulk, he is a walking powerhouse and he has proved it multiple times in the MCU. So the reason for his defeat could be highly due to his decreasing gamma levels.

Hulk Movie Teased By marvel

In a deal between universal and Marvel studious it was stated that the rights of Hulk will be held with Universal for 15 years after the initial release of it’s first film, the incredible hulk was released in 2008 which means Marvel can start planning to make new Hulk movie as early as June 2023.

Furthermore, the first season of She-Hulk concluded with the Hulk returning to the planet Sakaar and revealing that he also has a son by the name of Skaar. For those who haven’t read the comics, the story of She-Hulk has been following the comics.

hulk vs she-hulk

And in the comics, when Hulk goes back to the planet Sakaar to see his wife, he discovers that she has passed away. As soon as Hulk learns that his wife has passed away, he becomes incredibly furious, to the point where he begins absorbing the planet’s gamma radiation and turning into a walking bomb.

And he turns into The World Breaker Hulk, Marvel is on the brink of getting the rights of Hulk back and according to comics its time for the world breaker Hulk, it’s possible that the two events are connected by coincidence.

Hulk fans have been waiting for a solo movie for Hulk for a very long time in hopes of seeing the old Hulk return. However, if Hulk transforms into the world-breaking Hulk, then 2023 would be a very good year for Marvel to begin developing a solo movie for the Hulk.

How Strong Is World Breaker Hulk?

world breaker hulk
World breaker Hulk

We all know how powerful is our normal hulk (the hulk before transforming into Professor Hulk), could fight Surtur as seen in the film Thor Rangarok, he also defeated Hela’s wolf, Fenris who was a giant Asgardian wolf, we all are aware of things he did in the MCU.

But World War Hulk is a completely different kind of power, he is the angriest version of the Hulk. His fists have been shown to be capable of shaking entire planets to their very core in the comics.

As a result of the enormous amount of radiation he has absorbed, he is also capable of unleashing powerful energy blasts that have the power to destroy an entire city, let alone any good guy or a bad guy who chooses to stand in his way.

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