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Why Venom Hates Spider-Man So Much?


Let’s be real here, everyone wants to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man fight venom or at least want to see them in the same movie, which will happen in the future movies as now venom knows about Spider-man in the MCU.

But in the comics and even in the earlier Spider-Man movies, venom was portrayed as someone who genuinely hates Spider-Man and that is what makes him an anti-hero. But did you ever wondered why a black goo from another plant hates Spider-Man so much?

why venom hates spider-man
Why Venom Hates Spider-Man

How Did Venom Come To Earth In No Way Home?

In the movie ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ after dr. strange tore open the multiverse, and everyone who knew about Spider-Man in other universes started coming to Earth 616 (our universe). We also saw Venom coming to earth 616, this alone was enough to tell fans that we will see a Venom vs Spiderman in the future again.

And in the end when dr. strange managed to send back everyone in their universe, but a part of Vemon was still left on Earth 616 (our earth), stating that in the next Spider-Man movies we will see some venom action, and most probably venom is going to choose peter parker as his host.

Why Venom Hates Spider-Man?

Venom is a symbiote who lives by finding a worthy biological being and resides in their body so that he could survive, and on earth venom choose humans because they are the smartest beings on the planet.

When venom first arrived on the earth, he was finding a worthy human to bond with so that both of them could become more powerful, and he found peter parker, after bonding with him, peter was surprised by increased in his abilities to fight and felt stronger than ever before.

But soon peter found out that the black goo or black suit was controlling his mind to a certain extent and was influencing him to do things peter would never do. And when he found out that the black goo is a parasite and it was controlling his mind, peter rejected venom and tried to successfully break out of it.

As we know Venom was a symbiote who wanted a find a worthy human body but after peter parker rejected venom to be his part, the venom did not feel very good and as rageful venom is, venom started hating Spider-Man.

That night venom found Eddie Brock and bonded with him but coincidently he also hated Peter Parker and after that venom became an anti-hero who wanted to kill Spiderman.

And that is the reason why Venom hates Spider-Man so much.

Will venom bond with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man?

venom bonded with tom holland's spider-man
Venom Bonded with Tom Holland’s Spiderman

From the post-credit scene of ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ it is confirmed that we will see venom and Spiderman together in future spider man movies.

And their is a very high probability that the black goo will choose peter parker as his host but their is also a very high probability that Venom might find Eddie Brock (on earth 616) before he finds peter.

But anyhow according to the history of Venom and Spider-Man, venom always becomes an anti-hero because peter rejects him, if MCU follows the old story lines then we will see a Black Spider-Man.

But since doing so is very predictable to fans as we already know this from previous Spiderman movies and comics, so there is equal possibility that directors might change the storyline up to surprise the audience.

Either way, we will see a battle between Tom Holland’s Spiderman and Venom (bonded with Eddie Brock) which would be exciting and entertaining to watch.

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