Will MCU Ruin Wolverine In Deadpool 3? [Like Thor & Hulk]

Will MCU Ruin Wolverine In Deadpool 3? [Like Thor & Hulk]


Wolverine is always shown to us as an angry and grumpy beast with unstoppable healing powers who is doomed by his adamantium skeleton, and his fans loves him like that, and with 2017 Logan we saw our superhero finally rest in piece with his heart in his hands, and fans expected it to be the last appearance of him.

wolverine in deadpool 3
Wolverine in Deadpool 3

But fortunately in Deadpool 2, Deadpool makes some changes in the timeline and gives wolverine some spoilers for the future which will eventually save him and that is how he is still alive, and will come back in Deadpool 3.

How MCU Ruined Hulk?

With 2012 Avengers, we were finally introduced with the Hulk of earth 616 (our universe) and initially we thought he is the strongest Avenger, he was angry, strong, and he smashed everything when enraged, and he was always shown like this in the comics as well because fans liked him this way.

But after the infinity war, in the endgame we were introduced to professor Hulk, well he is smart and stays in control but it’s obvious that fans would not like him, further in ‘She-Hulk‘ he was ruined even more.

Good News For Hulk Fans

world breaker hulk
World breaker Hulk

But good news for Hulk fans because marvel has dropped a hint that hulk will be back, and this time it would be World Breaker Hulk

Since ‘She-Hulk’ has been following the comic book story, and Hulk was seen going back to Sakaar, according to the comics, on his way back to Sakaar his wife passes and this tragedy enrages him so much that he starts absorbing the Gamma radiation of Sakaar and turns into The World Breaker Hulk.

Thor Ruined?

After Infinity war when Thor lost everything he became did became slightly depressed as he lost his father, then his home planet was destroyed, and the same day Thanos killed his brother Loki, and his best friend Heimdall.

mcu thor
MCU Thor

Thor went through all that and blamed himself for everything, and on top of that Thanos wiped out half of the universe because Thor did not go for the head, all this made him depressed and act out of character.

But in Thor Love & Thunder Marvel did ruined Thor, because most of the people who saw the movies did not liked it as Thor Love & Thunder is rated the worst among the 4 films and its score on Rotten Tomatoes has also declined from 71% to 67%.

Will MCU Ruin Wolverine In Deadpool 3?

Since every strong and angry character of MCU is becoming weaker and funnier, and Deadpool is the funniest character in the MCU till now, this does raises the question weather MCU will ruin Wolverine as well in the Deadpool 3?

And the answer is probably not, because the reason why hulk became so weak, is because MCU will bring world breaker Hulk and Red Hulk in the future movies, and Hulk shown as professor hulk is just a build-up, and same with Thor as Thor is a God and Gods are supposed to get stronger as they age, so Thor in the future movies will also become stronger than ever before.

Because Marvel, as always takes its time with the build up, and MCU has done the same with The 2012 Avengers too, and it worked great, after solo introduction of nearly all the Avengers MCU ended the Phase 1 with all heroes crossing over in The Avengers and the result was, a world wide box office collection of $1,518,812,988.

Hugh Jackman Confirmed That Wolverine Will Be Angrier And Grumpier In Deadpool 3


On the red carpet Hugh Jackman was interviewed by AP asking him a question about the return of Wolverine in Deadpool 3, Hugh confirmed that Wolverine will return with an even grumpier and angrier mood and he is going to fight with Deadpool and take a lot of shots on Ryan Reynolds, and Wolverine’s mood will the center of the movie, and Wolverine is going to have the time of his life.

Well, it good that Deadpool also have phenomenal Healing abilities because Wolverine taking a lot of shot at someone never ends very well.

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