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Winnie The Pooh Blood And Honey Movie Download, Cast, Crew, Budget, Release Date & Review


Today on Comicdoor we will provide you Everything about Winnie The Pooh Blood And Honey Download, Cast, Crew, Budget, Release Date, Review, and everything we know far about the movie.

Winnie the Pooh is actually a thriller & Slasher film, if you are a fan of movies like Friday The 13th And Wrong Turn then you will really enjoy this film, the movies is releasing on 15 February 2023 and is about a couple who visit their friends and a group of friends who finds a cabin in the woods and then they starts getting hunted by Pooh & Piglet.

winnie-the-pooh-blood-and-honey-movie download
winnie-the-pooh-blood-and-honey-movie download

About Winnie The Pooh Blood And Honey Money

According to Teknikalraman Winnie The Pooh Blood And Honey is a thriller and R Rated film where the screen play is done by Rhys Frake-Waterfield and it is starring Natasha Tosini, Amber Doig-Thorne, Richard D. Myers, Craig, David Dowsett, Chris Cordell and Nikolai Leon, the movie is based upon the Winnie-the-Pooh books
by A. A. Milne and E. H. Shepard.

Before giving you information about Winnie The Pooh Blood And Honey Download In HD you should know that the movie is releasing on 15th February 2023 and its run time is 100 minutes, the production companies involved in the production of this movies are Jagged Edge Productions and ITN Studios.

It is a Hollywood movie filmed in English language will be primarily released in two countries United Stated and United Kingdom, the music in his film is given by Andrew Scott Bell, the movies id distributed by 2 companies Altitude Film Distribution (United Kingdom) and Fathom Events (United States), it is directed by Rhys Frake-Waterfield and produced by Rhys Frake-Waterfield and Scott Jeffrey

Name Of the MovieWinnie The Pooh Blood And Honey
Screenplay byRhys Frake-Waterfield

Natasha Tosini
Amber Doig-Thorne
Richard D. Myers
Craig David Dowsett
Chris Cordell
Nikolai Leon
Based onWinnie-the-Pooh books
by A. A. Milne and E. H. Shepard
Release dateFebruary 15, 2023
Running time100 minutes
Jagged Edge Productions
ITN Studios
CountriesUnited Kingdom
United States
Music byAndrew Scott Bell
Distributed byAltitude Film Distribution (United Kingdom)
Fathom Events (United States)
CinematographyVince Knight
Directed byRhys Frake-Waterfield
Budget$13 Million
Produced byRhys Frake-Waterfield
Scott Jeffrey

Cast of Winnie The Pooh Blood And Honey Movie

“Ten talented actors brought this film to life, including Amer Doig-Thorne as Alice, Natasha Tosini as Lara, Craig David as Winni I’ourson, the crazy slasher in disguise, May Kelly as Tina, and Chris Cordell as Piglet, the second person hiding behind the Piglet mask. Nikolai Leon as Jean-Christophe, Danielle Scott as Charlene, Natasha Rose Mills as Jess, Marcus Massey as Clot, and Richard D Myers as Logan. “

Amber Doig-ThorneAlice
Natasha TosiniLara
Craig David DowsettWinnie l’ ourson
May KellyTina
Chris CordellPiglet
Nikolai LeonJean-Christophe
Danielle ScottCharlene
Natasha Rose MillsJess
Marcus MasseyColt
Richard D MyersLogan
Winnie The Pooh Blood And Honey Movie Cast

Winnie The Pooh Blood And Honey Movie Review

Oh, Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, you rascal! Creating controversy is like a pot of honey to you, isn’t it? Rolling Stone already called it a “childhood-ruining” film, and we can only assume the creators are hoping that’s the narrative that sticks. But who cares if the film is good or not, the point is, it’s subverting a beloved icon like Pooh.

But, hold on a sec, Blood and Honey appeared faster than Pooh can eat a jar of honey. We’re promised a streaming release “soon,” but let’s not forget, Pooh only entered the public domain in January. It’s almost as if the creators couldn’t wait to be the first ones out of the gate. But, deep down, I think there’s a genuine affection for Pooh in this project.

And, the Milne estate should be proud. Sure, they won’t see any money from this film, but the fact that Pooh has endured for 95 years and is still relevant enough to be the star of a horror film is a triumph in itself. I’m sure anyone in the creative industry would be thrilled to know that something they created would be singled out for a gore-fest a century later.

But, the best part? The advent of Blood and Honey means something even bigger is on the horizon. Pooh might be the talk of the internet now, but in 2024, Steamboat Willie becomes public domain. That’s right, unless Blood and Honey is a commercial disaster, we’re just two short years away from seeing a similarly schlocky film where Mickey Mouse murders a bunch of bikini-clad women on a paddleboat. It’s like Christmas in January!

Winnie The Pooh Blood And Honey Movie Trailer
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