Zootopia 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Prediction - 2023

Zootopia 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Prediction


Despite the fact that Zootopia 2 was supposed to be released in 2021 but ultimately did not, the film’s directors and actors have stated their desire to return for a sequel. The first Zootopia movie was released back in 2016, and it exceeded Disney’s expectations after grossing more than $1 billion.

zootopia 2
Zootopia 2

Given that Disney Plus is expanding right now and that working on Zootopia’s sequel will benefit them given the success of the first film, it would be a great strategy for Disney Plus to return with Zootopia 2. However, will there be a Zootopia 2 ? if yes then, when is Zootopia 2 coming out ?, we will be answering all these questions today.

Will there be a Zootopia 2

As was previously mentioned, Disney had hoped to release Zootopia in 2021 but it was unable to do so for reasons for which Disney has not yet provided an explanation.

Additionally, a rumor that the sequel would now be released in 2024 has been circulating, but it appears to be untrue as Disney has not yet provided any information regarding the date.

As a result, the question “will there be a Zootopia 2 or not” is raised. The simple answer is yes because of the success of the first Zootopia movie. However, the reason why fans are doubting the release of Zootopia 2 is because Disney has not revealed the reason for the delay.

zootopia 2 and zootopia+
Zootopia and Zootopia+

We will keep you updated as soon as Disney reveals the cause of the delay; it is still unclear why Zootopia 2 is taking Disney so long to complete given that the first film performed significantly better than anticipated, fans are eager for a sequel, and even the director and actors want to return for the sequel.

Zootopia 2 release date

There is good news for Zootopia fans: Disney has announced a brand-new series called Zootopia+ that will debut on Disney+ in November. Since Zootopia sequel has not been officially announced, this TV show may serve as the movie’s sequel.

Disney announced this in 2020 itself, they said their will a TV Show of 6 episodes, and they also announced the titles of every episode to give a slight hint on what these episodes will be about.

  • Episode 1 Title: The Real Rodents of Rodentia
  • Episode 2 Title: Duke the Musical
  • Episode 3 Title: Hopp on Board
  • Episode 4 Title: The Godfather of the Bride
  • Episode 5 Title: So You Think You Can Prance
  • Episode 6 Title: Dinner Rush.

The cast of Zootopia 2

Voice Character
Ginnifer Goodwin Judy Hopps
Jason Bateman Nick WildeNick Wilde
Rich Moore Doug
Byron HowardBucky Or
Shakira Gazelle
Jenny Slate Bellwether
Jenny Slate Bellwether
Idris Elba Chief Bogo
J K SimmonsMayor Lionheart
Raymond S. Persi Officer Higgins
Octavia Spencer Mrs. Otterton
Nate Torrence Officer Clawhauser
Alan Tudyk Duke Weaselton
Tommy Chong Yax
Maurice LaMarche Mr. Big
Don Lake Stu Hopps
Bonnie Hunt Bonnie Hopps
Kristen Bell Priscilla
Phil JohnstonGideon Grey
Tommy Lister Jr. Finnick

Zootopia 2 trailer

Since Disney has not yet started the work on the Zootopia sequel maybe because they were working on Zootopia+, TV Show on Disney + releasing in November, the trailer for Zootopia 2 is not officially released yet.

But here is a fan made Zootopia 2 trailer and Zootopia + trailer, we will update you as soon as Zootopia 2 trailer hits the internet.

Zootopia+ Trailer

Zootopia+ will release on 9th November 2022 as a TV Show on Disney+, hence the name Zootopia+, here is the official trailer of Zootopia+

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